Custom Shaped Inflatables, Product Replica Balloons , Character Balloons, Animal Shapes and more!


Having a custom inflatable designed and built isn't as expensive as you'd think!  We can build inflatable product replica balloons, billboard balloons, animal shaped inflatables or a giant logo ballloon for nearly the amount you would pay for a gorilla balloon or a hot air shaped balloon. We love building custom advertising balloons! Let us transform your product , logo or concept into a giant inflatable balloon. No job is to big or to small. We offer fast turn around so you can use your balloon at your next event. All custom advertising balloons come with everthing needed to set it up. They are portable, reusable and create instant attention, whether on a roof at a tent sale, sporting event, festival or any other venue. These custom advertising balloons are considered, cold air inflatables because they are powered by a continously running blower near the base of the balloon. They use either 110V or 220V electricity. Just plug them in and watch your sales soar! Call today and let us bring your vision to reality with a custom inflatable.








Product Replica Balloons are another example of the diversity of Cold Air Advertising Inflatables. In the top photo we built a 65 ft Cold air Replica Balloon in the shape of a tire for the 'Dukes of Hazard' Movie producers as a Inflatable arch spanning the raceway on the movie set. We have made many balloons for use in TV, Movies, as well as the SuperBowl. The photo below is a Product Replica Balloon in the shape of a "StarBucks" Frapachino. We can create just about anything the imagination can come up with. If you need a Giant Inflatable Beer Bottle or other Product recreated we can do it. If you have a logo , we can turn your logo into a Portable Billboad. Giant Custom Shaped Balloons and Product Replica Balloons are great for Trade shows, Sporting events, Concerts , fairgrounds,  beach, or on top of a building  promoting Grand Openings or Special Sales Events. We can either imprint them with your logo or message, or equip them with removable banners, so you can change your message at will. Having a giant inflatable is like have a Portable Billboad in a box that you can put anywhere anytime. Giant inflatables have a way of creating excitent and make a Big impact. Many company's anchor thier TV and Radio ads to thier inflatables. The inflatables are often used as directional aids ,  and have become known to become landmarks in some cases. One of the most common uses For custom  advertising balloons is to promote a business Grand opening or Sales Event. Were ever attention is needed in a hurry or in big way you'll see an Inflatable.

Inflatable Gorillas Balloons have become synonomous With Sales Promotions and Grand Opening. They have the ability to have two banners, one between the hands and the other on the chest. We can even custom Manufacture a product replica  to put between his hands, like a car or Taco. The reason these Roof top Gorilla Balloons are so popular is because they produce results. They are perfect for General advertising , Landmark status, or promotions on a daily or weekly basis. Many savy business owners change the message often so the motorists passing by will always be curious about what he's saying today. They are easy to setup and take down. They can be roof mounted or sit on the ground. These gorillas inflatables  are made very sturdy and can be used on a commercial basis or as rental units. They will pay for themselves in one months rental time. The gorillas balloons have different options available, such as sunglasses, Shorts.  All Balloons and inflatables come with everything you need to set them up right out of the box. We can Manufacture an inflatable as a perfect reproduction of your Mascot or Character. Our custom cold air Balloons will give you years of service. Call us now so you can use your Balloon at your next event or parking lot sale, we'll work with you to create a balloon that is sure to increase visibilty, awareness and ultimately  bring more customers through the doors.

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